ACS 5.1 with vmware workstation 6.5

Just had the problem with VMware Workstation 6.5.3 5.1 Installing the ACS does not find SCSI hard disk. Always asking the hard disk size is “0.” The problem with the installation of VMware Workstation that is, for ACS bootdisc not possible to identify the SCSI controller. I must be a SCSI controller LSI.

With version 6.5 of VMware does not seem possible to configure the SCSI driver version on the graphical user interface. So we have to change the value directly into the machine vmx file.

You have to add the device driver in the configuration file vmware vmx virtual machine itself. It should look like:

scsiX.virtualDev = “LSILOGIC”

where X is the controller number. For the ACS would insstallation

scsi0.virtualDev = “LSILOGIC”

After this change of the installation should work fine.

i have been other failures:

OS: Red Hat

512 members

Disc: min 60 GB SCSI

Processors: 2

After booting from the ISO image you have to enter “1” and wait a few minutes. Then input “setup” and enter the default values ​​for the device.

Then, the installation is complete.

You will need to obtain a valid license after the entry in

Use “ACSAdmin” and the password given (or use “default”) from the installation process.

After switching to a new password, you must add a valid license file.