Apple re-submit a new patent: the user voice recognition

Apple recently re-submit a new patent by the user voice recognition, do not use your fingers to manipulate the touch screen to operate the phone. Patent entitled “Voice input processing user archive”, not only to identify the user voice, but also to understand some complicated instructions. To make a playlist? No problem, require that the phone wants to do. You need to call a friend? You can talk on the phone.

Apple’s description of the patent: Play, phone calls, searches of these three commands can be easily achieved. The patent says it allows users to find with a four-star, playing the highest number of songs, and to use the song as a seed to create a Genius playlist.

Apple’s patent for the development of voice commands is not new. April 2010, Apple acquired a small company Siri. The company made ​​an application that allows users to voice control their iPhone. Apple is expected in the upcoming operating system used iOS 5 Siri voice navigation technology.