AUS rolls out Cisco DMS

The American University of Sharjah (AUS) has introduced a series of new video services for education and information, with the deployment of the Cisco Digital Media Suite (DMS).

The university, which is the first in the United Arab Emirates to deploy DMS, is using the system for distributing content of the lesson, to provide visual connectivity and deploy digital signage throughout the campus.

The DMS platform, which uses video, IPTV and digital signature, allows AUS to offer a range of live and demand at conferences and other educational content to students anywhere on campus, and also allows the collaboration of delivering video and lesson content richer.

AUS is also the first university in the Gulf to use Cisco Show and Share social video system, which allows “visual networking” through which students and teachers have access to a library of video content that can be shared as supplement the lessons and curricula.

Students will also be able to create content using the Media Experience Cisco MXE 3000 engine.

George J. Debin, vice chancellor for Finance and Administration, American University of Sharjah, said: “Today, video is becoming one of the most important forms of communication and entertainment, both in the United Arab Emirates and the world. In AUS we realize the benefits of bringing digital media into the classroom and campus environment, and Cisco Digital Media Suite will provide the university with the ability to use video communications to greatly improve the experiences of our students and accelerate their learning. ”

DMS also allows AUS to replace traditional signage and newsletters, video services to deliver schedules, news, emergency messages and other information throughout the campus.

Wayne Hull, general manager of Cisco, the United Arab Emirates, said: “In order to achieve effectively connected learning societies, which Cisco believes that the deployment of video in schools is vital to the transformation of the century education 21. The video is an essential means to communicate to all audiences and education, recent advances in video technology are helping to change the way school administrators, principals, faculty and students are working together to create a stronger community .

Cisco Digital Media Suite at the American University of Sharjah is the first step in helping transform the way educational institutions in the UAE and their students learn, grow, communicate and collaborate. “