Avaya lays out Nortel migration road map

The set up significantly addresses how the corporate can eliminate overlap between its own and Nortel’s product lines, generally favoring Avaya technology, generally Nortel’s, within the areas of unified communications, contact centers, tiny and midsize businesses further as network infrastructure. At an equivalent time the set up permits value savings via SIP trunking which is able to let customers send voice and knowledge over one pipe instead of multiple lines and alternative reduced prices by centralizing administration of company phone systems, Avaya says.

The net result, says Alan Baratz, senior vp and president for international Communication Solutions at Avaya, is expanded capabilities, reduced prices and fewer disruptive amendment.

Promising to accomplish a major a part of this among the year is an aggressive goal which will impress Nortel customers yearning for a gorgeous path to unified communications, says Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with the american cluster.

Delivering on time is vital as a result of former Nortel customers that wish to aggressively pursue UC will not wish to attend and wait, he says. Avaya CEO Kevin Kennedy’s time at Cisco could facilitate owing to that rival’s expertise in shopping for alternative firms and integrating them smoothly, he says.

“Every Nortel client goes to own a competitive vendor making an attempt to make a path to their own unified communications answer,” he says. Fumbling will not be fatal, Kerravala says, however it may mean a loss of the spectacular twenty fifth marketshare he says Avaya has amassed in telephony.

As for the specifics of the road map, adding an important SIP layer into the communications hierarchy are going to be accomplished via Avaya Aura, the company’s SIP-based communication software platform that may be sandwiched between communications infrastructure – like PBXs – and services – like voice, video, messaging, conferencing and mobility.

With Aura in place, legacy Avaya and Nortel PBXs can interoperate with SIP-based VoIP gear. thus Nortel Communication Server a thousand IP PBX with Aura layered on high of it may interface with SIP-based phones plugged into the Aura aspect of the network. All the phones would have CS a thousand options and also the same button sequencing so as to navigate those options, Baratz says. Also, legacy Nortel phones may be plugged into the Aura aspect of the network.

This move can scale back value of adopting unified communications as a result of it reduces the necessity for replacing PBXs and phones further because the value of retraining finish users in how new phones work, he says.

The set up needs software integration and it will not happen overnight, Baratz says, however it’ll be accomplished by the top of this year, probably in November, Baratz says. Nortel’s Business Communications System Manager are going to be incorporated into Aura, as can Nortel’s Agile Communications atmosphere (ACE), that permits infusing applications with communications capabilities.

The changes are going to be distributed as software upgrades to current Aura customers.

This strategy is not shocking, Kerravala says, as a result of Aura was designed to embrace an SIP-based gear, despite who the seller. Integration with Nortel equipment ought to be easier as a result of Avaya owns each sets of assets thus will build their SIP implementations compatible. Standards-compliant implementations of SIP will vary enough that they do not interoperate, he notes.

In the space of contact centers, Avaya has set that Nortel’s Contact Center are going to be integrated into the merchandise line in lieu of Avaya’s. Over consecutive six to 9 months, revisions of Nortel’s Contact Center can prepare it to become the Avaya giving for midsize businesses instead of Contact Center specific.

The contact center software from Nortel are going to be more developed to include all of the architectural options Avaya envisions for contact centers, then more developed thus it will scale to enterprise proportions. These 2 revisions can take six to 9 months every. At that time the software can become an upgrade to interchange Avaya’s high-end Contact Center Elite.

Baratz says that even before the acquisition of Nortel, Avaya acknowledged that Nortel’s midsize contact center was higher. “It was terribly near the last word product we tend to needed,” he says.

Avaya plans to slowly scale back the amount of telephony choices accessible for little and midsize enterprises. It plans to bring legacy Avaya Partner and Integral five key systems further as Nortel Norstar systems underneath the umbrella of its IP workplace gear.

IP workplace are going to be developed to support Norstar systems and Nortel Business Communications Manager hybrid PBXs, and some years down the road can replace them. however within the meantime, Norstar and BCM can stay accessible. “Nothing abrupt goes to happen here,” Baratz says.

Nortel’s Software Communications System SIP appliance can be a part of the portfolio as is. there’s no analogous Avaya product.Nortel brought along a portfolio of switches, network security and wireless gear that Avaya has no competing equipment. Avaya plans to sell these product and develop them to interoperate a lot of closely with its unified communications infrastructure, Baratz says.

For instance, the wireless gear and switches is tweaked to present a lot of complete knowledge concerning the presence of mobile employees. Currently they reveal whether or not a private is on the market via voice. With higher integration they might say that the individual is on the market on a mobile device and where it’s located, he says.

But Kerravala says that Avaya must develop its gear to be competitive with alternative infrastructure vendors feature for feature, not simply to own switches and routers that augment communications. He says Avaya owns five-hitter of the infrastructure market by virtue of shopping for Nortel and may let it operate as a separate division directly taking over Cisco, HP and others. “It’s an enormous put in base,” he says.