Beginning Your SEO Efforts by Setting up FTP Account

Although many search engine optimization, In you want to believe that creating a website and design is on the search engines Rocket Science, but in reality it can be very easy to get started.

Web site owners use a variety of methods to download content for their websites, from simple to complex, however, is the most commonly used FTP.

Installing the FTP

Once you have configured your domain and hosting, you must configure your Äôll FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Your FTP account to download content to your site with ease, adding the file directory is on your hard drive. If you do not have a hosting plan, you need to do all and make sure it comes with Fantastico, you can quickly and easily install WordPress in a pickle. Once you have WordPress you need to all your FTP software. Most people use FileZilla, because it is free and effective. Once you have downloaded above the FTP client, you must all the FTP client to configure accordingly to ensure that all settings are correct. Once you use it once all passwords and settings are stored.

Configuring your FTP account in WordPress

Once the configuration is an FTP just go to your hosting account and look for the option that says Äúcreate and FTP account. In If you have not yet used the account, then leave the empty directory information and fill in the username, password and other basic information. Set the quota limit, then press ENTER to complete the installation. After setup is completed your data connection will be presented to copy what time you insert, and whether that information in a document and save it for future reference.

SEO FileZilla

Open Filezilla and then click Site Manager, then log on to Site Manager module with the information you have stored a document before. Enter host an FTP server, then set the connection type to normal, and enter your username and password. Choose a name for the account that you remember, and you put all this information to the same document. After you click Connect, you see Äôll four quadrants in the interface. Computer files, folders, computers, servers and server files folder. This bee four key elements that you use. Here’s where you store your websites and other topics info.

At the beginning of the installation, a topic, click the upper right quadrant called remote site, then scroll to where it says html public. Click to open the folder and scroll to the html public, then click the WP content and themes. They are either in the server folder where your file server. The default theme is installed, but you want the particular subject that you downloaded via drag & drop in the same area, install. Finally, select your topic and you begin creating your site. Your campaign optimization search engine started.