Belkin buying Cisco’s home networking business Linksys

It was proclaimed on weekday afternoon that Belkin is progressing to acquire Cisco’s home networking business unit, which incorporates the Linksys whole.

While Belkin also will be grabbing another product, resources, and workers from Cisco’s home networking cluster, it maintained that the Linksys name can stay intact.

Belkin conjointly secure to supply support for Linksys product, and bonded that valid warranties are honored by Belkin for current and future Linksys product.

Hilton Romanski, vice chairman and head of company business development at Cisco, delineated the deal in a very journal post as “a win-win relationship within the market.”

Combined, Belkin and Linksys can produce a best shopper networking technology supplier with complementary innovation and engineering methods. Linksys can enhance Belkin’s capabilities to fulfill the requirements of OEMs, similarly as offer access to an outsized user base. Belkin and Cisco shall pursue a strategic relationship centered on a spread of initiatives, as well as retail distribution, strategic promoting, and product for the service supplier market.
Cisco originally purchased the house router company for $500 million in 2003.

After mercantilism and killing off some different consumer-focused units (such because the Flip camcorder), the San Jose, California-based networking big seems to be dedicated to solely business and enterprise product currently.

The acquisition is additionally expected to grow Belkin’s reach significantly. when the dealing closes, Belkin declared that it’ll account for about thirty p.c of the U.S. retail home and little business networking market.