Brace yourselves cisco routers

I just finished the new Cisco CCNP router exam while preparing to create the next series CBTNuggets …  In short, if you really do not know what you’re doing, you will not pass this test. What Cisco has been able to do with the simulation engine is amazing. Typically, the computer simulation engine for testing is limited to the basic objectives (set the password on such and such, banners change logon, etc. ..). In this world, you will experience a powerful engine, multi-path simulation. No more than bullet list of goals to accomplish – you have to pull your needs for a stage (quite complex) and put your ninja skills to the test configuration.


… Personally, I think terms like “paper CCNP” shall not apply to the new CCNP exams. Very good test. However, you really need to know your stuff in a “been there, done that” sense of passing this test. The questions go beyond the surface of the network technology and require much intuition to figure out.

It’s funny – it’s a bit difficult to explain. “Unfortunately, nobody can say what the ROUTE Cisco exam is … you must experience it for yourself.” (Morpheus Matrix could have explained it … he just accept the non-disclosure agreement before filming the movie).