China’s Great Firewall spreads overseas

An error of networking computers caused in Chile and the United States under the control of the Great Wall of China to come, rerouting of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube users the Chinese servers.

Security experts do not know exactly how it happened, but it seems that at least one supplier has recently started doing high-level DNS (Domain Name Server) information, which as known root DNS server China. This server, operated by China by the Swedish NETNOD returned DNS information for Chinese users are intended to spread efficiently in the network censors in China and abroad. China firmly control access to a number of sites, using technology, popularly known as the Great Wall of China.

The matter was reported Wednesday by Mauricio Erec, a DNS administrator with NIC Chile, which found that ISP unnamed local reported that queries DNS for sites such as, and YouTube. com – all of which have been blocked in China – have been diverted to bogus addresses.

It is unknown how extensive the problem. Erech always false information reported by three access points to the network in Chile and California, but on Thursday he said that the problem does not occur again. “The evidence shows that we have not hit the server in China,” he said to send in a group discussion.

This problem occurs because, for whatever reason, at least one Internet service provider outside the DNS queries sent to a root server located in China, such as network experts. This is something that should make the service outside China, because it allows network censored in China “leakage” outside the country.

Researchers have long known that China has censored DNS routing information has changed for the users of government services functioning of the server instead of redirect sites like Facebook and Twitter. But this is the first version, leaked to these routes outside China, according to Rodney Joffe, a senior technician, DNS services company NeuStar. “Suddenly, the consequences are that people can be defeated outside China or redirected to servers in China,” he said.

From the use of a China-based root servers, ISPs are primarily controlled China, a way to get all the traffic of its users on the network. The serious security problems mean for people, said the network accepts the well-trodden routes could Joffe.

The ISP uses the roads bad probably wrong its BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) system is used to provide information based on the Internet, according to Danny McPherson, chief of security at Arbor Networks. “I do not think it is deliberately,” he said. “This is an example of how easy it is these details are contaminated or are damaged or have fled beyond the borders of what is supposed to be. “