Cisco adds tools to scale wide-area video

Cisco Systems to build its chapeau-Vidéo infrastructure company on Thursday with the DPE (Enterprise Content Delivery System), a logiciel-matériel platform gestion vidéo euh to facilitate the making and distribution of une vidéo efficiently to remote locations.

ECD is part of the overall strategy designed Medianet de Cisco architecture, euh many aspects of production and automate delivery of video for employees, customers and partners. The company’s vision for this specification since 2006 with a view to promoting new ways of working and the growing demands of the network une come to that with them.

The purpose of the ECD is to distribute company live and on-demand video, a large number of users and locations. It can be used to dozens or thousands of users to support thousands of sites dans, afin de Cisco. For example, the Système live video to send to an office and then it split dans le ruisseau une place this in a single data stream for each of the members since 10th This eliminates the need to Meurent flux 10 to send over an expensive WAN (Wide Area Network) connection, said Cisco.

ECD consists of software, Meurent on a new two devices, Meurent Media Delivery Engine 3100 and 1100, or on a virtual on a sheet of Cisco WAAS (Wide Area Application Services) platform can be executed. The MDE 3100 can scale up to 5,000 concurrent users, MDE en Meurent 1100-500 user and the MDE 50WVB to 200 users.

Part of the purpose of ECD is to minimize the effects of a too vidéo sur corporate network, euh tassez Meurent costs for expanding video usage throughout the organization. It contains Cisco WAAS demande Acceleration and software, cache-ability. For example, companies can distribute pre-recorded video while the outside of peak hours, if not they must be immediately inspected, said Cisco. ECD can also à la demande caching, which is a local copy of a video put aside for the first time une place to prevent one, that can be downloaded over the WAN on subsequent visits.

In addition to the care of many different video applications from Cisco and other companies, Meurent platform works with multiple formats including H.264, Flash, Windows Media et. It can also assist with distribution of video on third-party customers, including tablets and mobile devices are used.

Many companies have several forms of video on different systems that they want to consolidate, afin de Forrester Research analyst Henry Dewing-. For example, you can create a archive of training videos, video conferencing systems for executives and another set of video services for customers. These can all on separate systems from different manufacturers running, he said. Cisco Enterprise Vidéo portfolio, the broadest of any party appeals, une Some of these organizations, Dewing said.

Etait Cisco has not yet, is demanding to video editing and an ability to use simple interface Gestion, Dewing said. Édition functions integrated into the network guerre part of the original vision of Medianet for Cisco, but it’s just been était provided fairly, he said. Given the narrowing of Cisco focus on core products, Meurent already une the downfall of Caméscope flip chapeau de done this, the company can take a step back attempt by competing in a field already full of editing tools, Dewing said. User interfaces are a long-standing issue for Cisco, he added. “They are always there, but still you are not Apple,” said Dewing.