Cisco adds tools to scale wide-area video

Cisco Systems has its video infrastructure company on Thursday to build with EDC (Enterprise Content Delivery System) to a platform hardware and software for easy management of video distribution and video to remote sites more efficiently.

ECD is part of the overall architecture of the Cisco Medianet, designed to automate many aspects of video production and distribution to employees, partners and customers. The company supports the development of this vision since 2006 with the intention of the new ways of working and growing demand on the network that come with them.

The aim of EDC is to help companies to distribute live video and on demand to a large number of sites and users. It can be used to support tens of thousands of users at thousands of locations, so Cisco. For example, the system can send live video to a subject in a stream, then place it in a single stream of 10 people split there. This eliminates the need to feed 10 to the face of WAN (Wide Area Network) connection to send, said Cisco.

DPE is a software that can be run in one of two new aircraft, the engine of the diffusion of media 3100 and 1100, or on a sheet in a Cisco WAAS platform (Virtual Wide Area Application Services). The PE 3100 can be up to 5000 concurrent users, the user 1100-500 MDE and MDA-200 extended 50WVB users.

Part of the objective of minimizing the impact of ECD Video on the company network in order to allay the cost of expanding the use of video throughout the organization. Cisco WAAS application acceleration including software and provides a cache function. For example, companies can distribute pre-recorded video during hours when they are immediately visible, said Cisco. EDC can also provide on-demand caching, with the exception of a copy of a video for the first time you see a place to avoid the download over the WAN in the future reference.

In addition to treating many different video applications from Cisco and other companies, the platform works with various formats such as H.264, Flash and Windows Media. You can also use the video distribution to customers of other mobile devices, including tablets.

Many companies have different types of video they want to consolidate disparate systems, Forrester Research analyst Henry Dewing. For example, an archive of training videos, a video conferencing system for managers and a range of video products for customers. All that can be run on separate systems from different vendors, he said. Cisco portfolio of video, more than any other supplier, is attractive to some of these organizations, Dewing said.

Cisco does not have advanced video editing and easy to use management interface, Dewing said. Editing functions are integrated in the network was part of the original vision of Cisco Medianet, but what is to be held easily, he said. Given the narrowness of the Cisco approach for the goods, which resulted in the disappearance of the Flip camcorders, the company can take a step back, trying to enter a field already full machine tools to the competition, said Dewing. User interfaces are a long-term problem for Cisco, said. “They’re coming, but Apple has not,” said Dewing.

ECD is now at U.S. $ 4,395 for a virtual sheet and $ 10 595 for a WAAS device MDE.