Cisco extends the original theory of the Beatles

I just returned from a long weekend at Dartmouth (with many thanks to the Harbour Master’s office for secure Internet access not WLAN) and sank back into the crazy world, virtual IT one of the crabs landing was the essential ingredient of life (and eating, of course, and for this I recommend the Beesands Cricket Armas, from where the crabs are home – the sea is not the bar).

Therefore, I was happy to be released back into the deep end and see that Cisco has turned the volume up to 11 IT folly to say that in 2013, telecommunications operators to offer at least 48 hours of Internet access in a single day. What does 14 days a week, actually – beating the previous record of the Beatles for six days.

This, it says, will be achieved by performing multiple tasks and assignments in the background. Cisco obviously has not seen what happens when Windows Vista tries as seemingly trivial tasks … In addition, women may argue that – by the same metric – therefore can provide 72 days time and have been doing for centuries.

In fact, Cisco says that we are witnessing days.I 36 hours had not been noted. Undoubtedly explain rail services in the UK yet … But if Cisco is serious about this and took advantage of my client DBAM WAN acceleration technology (where we have seen up to 10,000 x acceleration previously compressed files – scary, but true), then I could get a whole life covered in 24 hours. It provides a great solution to the question “if only I could live my life again” and we are not so much a revolutionary moment as a moment of breaking Groundhog Day.