Cisco Linksys E4200 Router

Linksys’s E4200 dual-band wireless gigabit router is sort of a box of chocolates, however not within the Forrest Gump sense. you really grasp specifically what you are going to get: nice performance and options.

The E4200 appearance, literally, sort of a box of pricey chocolates. With its swish, grayness matte end, this can be probably the best-looking router within the business. All of the standing lights ar hidden on the rear of the unit next to the WAN and local area network ports, that heightens the impact.

The E4200 is straightforward to line up. Cisco Linksys provides a setup CD that may walk you thru the method, otherwise you will get the unit started manually via the conventional Linksys hypertext mark-up language configuration page at The interface is straightforward to use, however some options like the parental controls and net access policy might be a lot of intuitive.

As nice because the E4200 appearance, it might all be for naught if the unit did not perform. as luck would have it, this router performs passing well. it is the initial 450Mbps wireless router (most high-end, client routers supply 300Mbps) to meet up with our hands, and therefore the extra-wide pipe looked as if it would work well. Streaming a one080p moving-picture show to a digital media adapter whereas downloading an oversized 1.85GB file at a similar time worked fine. very often, one thing offers during this situation. point my difficult workplace was regarding sixty feet, however you may do far better during a wide-open house.

Other than the New Look and 450Mbps wireless, the E4200 could be a feature a dead ringer for the E3000, another unique-looking Linksys gigabit, Wi-Fi router. You get synchronous dual-band two.4- and 5GHz wireless, advanced quality of service (QoS) options, a guest login network, associate SPI firewall, and Wi-Fi protected setup.

Other options embody UPnP media serving of files from USB drives hooked up to the unit, DMZ, port forwarding, triggered port forwarding, and parental controls. the sole factor missing from the E4200 is support for IPv6, that the corporate says can roll out later this year during a microcode upgrade.