Cisco MARS 6.0.6 Now Available

The following changes and enhancements exist in MARS, Release 6.0.6:

•SNMP v. 3.0 Support—Leveraging a secure communication protocol between MARS and Cisco security enforcement devices, customers can be assured that they are securely mitigating attacks and configuring and managing devices. SNMPv3 support enables the following features:

–Per-device SNMPv3 credentials are used for manual discovery and layer 2 mitigation.

–Support for SNMPv3 credentials for an entire network or range of IP addresses. The MARS autodiscovery feature clones the credentials for an autodiscovered device on that network.

–Monitor the health of supported devices via SNMPv3 via the resource utilization charts that you can add to the Summary > My Reports subtab.

See the Release notes for a matrix of SNMP3 support for different Cisco Devices.

Internet Explorer 8 Support—MARS supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 without requiring compatibility mode. Due to the nature of security revisions in Internet Explorer, you may find that you must authenticate more frequently to the MARS appliance.

•Improved Device Support—MARS now includes backward compatible support for ASA 8.0.5 and IOS 15.0(1)M. Backward compatible support means that any events that MARS parsed for ASA 8.0.4 or IOS 12.4 (11) T2 have been verified to parse in the corresponding newer release.

There have also been vendor signature updates for some Cisco and some non Cisco devices.