Cisco Networking Academy adds one millionth pupil

Cisco has announced that its Cisco Networking Academy has enrolled students competing one-millionth.

The program works in partnership with educational institutions, government and community-based organizations worldwide and offers education through ICT-based curriculum in the classroom and in the cloud.

One of the programs offered at the Academy is to teach students to design, build, solve problems, and secure computer networks for greater access to career and economic opportunities in communities around the world.

“Networking Academy is truly the world’s largest classroom. The unique delivery model combines the power of the network and the plume with the global need for teaching ICT skills-based to address the critical need for the creation of professional networks around the world, “said Mu’men Suliman, Area Director of the Academy, Cisco, GCC.

The Cisco Networking Academy was launched in the UAE in 1999, today there are 870 training centers throughout the Middle East and more than 168,000 students have passed through its doors.

Forty Network of Academies are in the UAE, with 5,601 students since its creation.

Networking Academies UAE saw a 10% increase in students from 2010, with 2,019 new students and 83 instructors.

More than 1,090 students have completed the program so far in the UAE.

The Networking Academy with classrooms in 165 countries and approximately four million students have participated in the program worldwide since its inception in 1997.

Cisco Networking courses offered in several languages.

Cisco will be celebrating the milestone of one million students, offering the Networking Academy students and alumni the opportunity to show the benefits of the Networking Academy through a video contest entitled “Why is the Cisco Networking Academy class as any other? “