Cisco Nexus 2000 series targets in-rack networking

While the opinions are split on putting switches in racks or centrally within the datacenter, there are merchandise that create the in-rack resolution enticing. IT professional Rick Vanover showcases the Cisco Nexus 2000 series device.

I’m going back to the rack in the week. Last month’s discussion regarding whether or not in-rack switching created sense got folks talking. considerations of wasted ports and lack of redundancy were standard comments. whereas most of those considerations will typically be addressed through design or style, it’s currently time to seem forward at what networking gear goes to supply within the close to future.

If you haven’t become acquainted with the Nexus series of merchandise, maybe it’s time to visualize them out if you’re a Cisco look. These merchandise are a sturdy giving of latest merchandise that have a distinct segment in all areas of the datacenter. The Nexus 2148T cloth Extender, even by its name, could be a completely different beast. The Nexus series of merchandise delivers LAN, SAN, and High Performance Computing to every rack through one managed device. what’s higher is that when used with the Nexus 5000 series switches, the 2148T is effectively a series of native ports (to the 5000) extended to the endpoint (ideally a rack).

Be sure to conjointly look at the merchandise introduction web site because it describes alternative functionality of the device. There you’ll be able to read a video explaining how this is often quite a switch, however a cloth extender. that’s necessary as storage is provisioned through this device, together with FCoE and iSCSI. one among the larger limitations and arguments against in-rack network gear is that storage historically would wish separate provisioning. The 2148T’s converged I/O permits network and storage admins to drop identical device to meet each wants.

Another product within the Nexus line, the upcoming Nexus 1000V, are going to be absolutely compatible, as virtual environments are going to be a driving design call going forward for many environments.

With enhanced functionality from devices like this, will in-rack networking create a lot of sense now? Share your comments below.