Cisco “Police State” Project in China

To control information recorded recently proposed new Cisco devices in the streets and public places in the Chinese city of Chongqing. Chongqing is one of five major cities in China directly administered by the federal government and has a population of more than $ 30 million. (We all need to check our geography of China.)

What I find in the presentation of this “police state” of the project is ironic as follows:

While the press often criticized the Chinese government to award contracts to local suppliers such as Huawei, no one praised the government for choosing a foreign supplier.

As Huawei is closely linked with the Chinese army, it is interesting to me that a foreign supplier for a project monitoring will be used, and I doubt it was a question of quality materials and based about the internal politics of China. (Huawei Cisco’s main competitor in China.)

All major cities in the developed world has less than 24 hours of surveillance cameras in an effort to thwart terrorism, Chongqing is only supposed to join the list of other states in the Miami police, Tokyo and London.

This is the new world in which we live call for a specific project, a police state shows the trend reports of the United States.