Cisco ramps edge routers up to 100Gbps

Cisco has released a new single-slot 16-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet card for online ASR9000 edge routers which are released typically used by service providers such as Deutsche Telekom, and Verizon Wireless.

According to Cisco, a port 10 Gbps per line card for the new total of more than 100 Gbps, 10GE, the user can now install up to 320 Ethernet ports, 10 Gb per system. Cisco says the new card is a first in the industry, the “faster than any transmission module available” and is “designed to deliver large scale, without stopping the video experience and a smaller carbon footprint.”

The company said the new card means that the “leads the industry in density, and scalability,” ASR9000, because other producers “are limited to 50 Gbps per slot today.”

Cisco ASR 9000 said his line cards “are synce-ready, which means that routers work with the cell site as a provider of mobile transfers.” The company said that the need for additional synchronization card eliminated.

A decisive factor for the capacity of the card application is the growth of video traffic, iPhone, especially for Apple to consider mobile operators, vendors and analysts, the demand for the release of Mobile Video, much more traffic, according to a market research company, has USB and portable devices.

As a result, service providers, their fixed and mobile networks scale to meet the demands of traffic video, voice and IPTV have said Cisco.

The company said that “in 2013, the sum of all video formats such as television, video on demand, Internet video and peer-to-peer does not exceed 90 percent of global consumption of traffic data. .. Combined fixed and mobile networks is expected to grow 66 times more than the same period. ”