Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS)

While MARS may seem similar to CW-SIMS, it is quite different. MARS actually understands the configuration and topology of your network. You can think of MARS as a “virtual security admin” for your network — working while you sleep.

MARS uses NetFlow data from Cisco routers to have a real-time understanding of network traffic. It knows what is considered normal and what is not; this is called behavioral analysis. With behavioral analysis, MARS can stop abnormal network traffic. MARS has over 150 audit compliance templates ,and will make recommendations on how to remediate threats to your network.

MARS is actually an appliance that you install on your network. This appliance comes in a variety of sizes and license levels based on the size of your network. Cisco Security MARS and Cisco Security Manager are part of the Cisco Security Management Suite.