Cisco SPA525G

The Cisco SPA525G IP Phone is a full-featured VoIP phone that provides voice communication over an IP network. It provides traditional features, such as call forwarding, redialing, speed dialing, transferring calls, conference calling and accessing voice mail. Calls can be made or received with a handset, bluetooth headset or speaker. The Cisco SPA525G is compatible with SIP standard based platforms, as well as Cisco’s UC Express / UC520 platform.

5 Line IP Phone, Color LCD Display, BlueTooth Enabled. SIP and Cisco UC Express / UC520 Support.

PoE Compatible, Connect via wired ethernet or Built-In 802.11G WiFi client.
Integrated XML Web applications, MP3 player, Digital Image Viewer / Picture Frame.
Cisco SPA525G

The Cisco SPA525G phone is connected to the network through its wired ethernet ports or the built-in Wireless-G connection. For wireless network connectivity, the Cisco SPA525G phone supports WEP and WPA security/encryption methods. The SPA525G can quickly identify available WiFI networks, and store multiple AP profiles.

The Cisco SPA525G also supports WiFi Protected Setup. If you are using the Wireless-G connection, a seperate power adapter (PA-100) is required. The Cisco sPA525G provides an additional Ethernet port that allows a computer to be connected to the network through the IP Phone. (This option is only available when the phone is connected to the network via the wired Ethernet connection.)

Cisco SPA525G VoIP Phone Overview

Unlike traditional phones, the Cisco SPA525G requires a separate power source. Either connect your phone to an Ethernet switch that provides Power over Ethernet (PoE), or us a separate power adapter (PA-100).

Cisco SPA525G Features and Functions

2 Ethernet 10/100Mbps ports
802.3af Power Over Ethernet support
USB 2.0 host port for connecting a USB memory device to play MP3 music files
AUX port (to attach a SPA932 attendant console)
Bluetooth capability for headset support
2.5mm stereo earphone jack for wired headset
Wireless G client support
Kensington security slot support
Integrated web/XML applications (Weather, News, Sports, etc)