Cisco Sustainable Business Barometer shows positive trend

The Trust Barometer, which has been developed to act as a measure of current year twice the levels of commitment and confidence to sustainable business strategies, based on a survey of 500 organizations from more than 1,000 full-time employees .

The main conclusions are:

* Over 90% of respondents believe their CEO to consider sustainability important to only 3% who reads it as not important

* Most large organizations surveyed (63.3%) have a dedicated budget sustainability

* Of these, less than 10% saw a reduction in the budget of sustainability, while more than 30% was an increase in 2010

* The majority expected to increase investment in energy and carbon management
Management, areas that are perceived to have the greatest impact on operations

* Over 90% of respondents are confident that their business sustainability strategy will be implemented successfully in the future

The Cisco 2degrees Sustainable Business Confidence Barometer next issue will be published in January 2011, when they identify the state of management-level support, budgets and optimism about sustainable business.