Cisco Systems – an AtTask customer profile

Please introduce yourself and your organization.
My name is Dan Tayler, Manager within the Cisco Systems, Inc.’s Communications Resource Center (CRC). The CRC provides consulting and net development services to different teams inside Cisco — some pre-funded, some pay-for-service.

Cisco styles, manufactures, and sells networking and knowledge technology merchandise worldwide. a number of the merchandise the corporate offers square measure net protocol (IP) communications merchandise, storage merchandise, IP phones, access points, and servers. the corporate was based in 1984 and is headquartered in San Jose, California.

What were you doing that needed this sort of technology?
Six groups were combined into one new team with the concept of having the ability to higher offer communications experience across the corporate. This created it potential for teams that ne’er had communications experience to possess access to the suitable employees members. To deliver the work for each consumer bases, the CRC had to use 2 separate tools to trace comes. Management requested regular reports on CRC comes and resource expenditure, and this caused a vast, once-a-month scramble that wolfed man-hours and compromised work already within the pipeline.

What merchandise did you concentrate on before creating a selection?
We checked out concerning six totally different merchandise, as well as four totally different home-grown solutions. we have a tendency to designated a product that was already getting used by Cisco’s Communication Services Bureau, computer code by AtTask.

Why did you decide on this product?
AtTask offered a quick ramp-up and eliminated the requirement for 2 separate product management tools. it had been simple to use for the team and offered powerful customization and reportage choices. AtTask additionally came with one extra bonus: the answer price fifteen p.c of what competitive solutions price and would take a couple of months to implement, instead of a couple of years.

What tangible profit have you ever received through the employment of this product?

AtTask created the exercise of making workflows easy and easy, and currently the team is ready to create a disciplined service delivery atmosphere that enabled U.S.A. to show around new requests abundant faster than ever before. moreover, AtTask provided the team with instant visibility into project activity, status, schedules, allotted resources and next steps through dashboards and reports, boosting the CRC’s on-time delivery rate from ninety six to ninety nine p.c in barely one financial quarter.

The level of utilization we have a tendency to square measure able to gain by having the ability to examine World Health Organization is busy and what they are engaged on was vital. Most of our employees square measure contractors. Keeping all of them busy is vital to our success. This tool has helped U.S.A. maintain a high level of utilization.

What recommendation would you provide others World Health Organization face similar circumstances?
The first piece of recommendation is to become comfy with what you do not grasp. once a gaggle starts up, there’s no method of knowing what resources, and the way abundant of them, are going to be needed. it’s vital to use tools that that try this for you. ensuing step is having the ability to examine what the output are going to be.