Cisco Systems promotes WiFi tech

The products on display appear under Cisco’s Linksys brand and three products in particular are being focused on: the WET610N wireless bridge, the NMH410 media hub and the WAG320N dual band wireless gateway.

“These products will help end users consume their media,” says Amanulla Khan, Regional Manager MEA of Cisco’s Consumer Business Group. “The NMH40 media hub makes it very easy for consumers to access their content wirelessly across their homes. Our media hub is far different from regular NAS devices which traditionally come from enterprise backgrounds, which makes those devices hard to configure. Our devices are easy to configure, we’ve taken the complexity out,” explains Khan.

The NMH410 is capable of running three HD streams simultaneously and the company says this is thanks to its 5GHz dual band wireless-N design. This hub features a front-mounted LCD, packs a memory card reader and can be attached to a hard disk.

Khan is convinced that WiFi products sell themselves, saying, “People that adopt a simple WiFi network to use the internet on their laptops automatically realise there are greater possibilities with this technology. The bandwidth demands start low with basic internet sharing and then increase as users start accessing movies, music and other types of content over their networks.

“Wireless networks enable a great user experience, allowing consumers to interconnect their Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 consoles, digital photo frames and media hubs,” says Khan.

When pressed about Linksys’ power-line networking hardware, Khan concludes, “We offer a full range of power-line networking hardware, but we believe it compliments WiFi. In big houses where range might be an issue, a power-line solution can help bridge the gap.”

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