Cisco takes aim at security services

Cisco these days same it might add a security arm to its existing services division with an eye fixed toward pushing its support of its security product similarly as providing a spread of managed security services.

Bryan Palma, the senior vice chairman and top dog of the newly-created Services Security apply, same Cisco plans to supply new forms of managed security services supported Cisco security product, although he failed to give detail on what that may be specifically and the way it might be done.

Cisco’s security product these days vary from firewall/VPNs, intrusion-prevention systems, to net and electronic messaging security gateways. Cisco additionally recently nonheritable IPS and threat detection merchandiser Sourcefire. Palma steered that Cisco might also attempt to broaden its partnerships in new ways in which with alternative security product and repair suppliers.

Before connexion Cisco, Palma was vice chairman of Cyber and Security Solutions at Boeing, that sold product and services associated with network police work, knowledge analytics, and cyber simulation to the A federal sector similarly as private-sector customers globally. before that, Palma worked at PepsiCo as chief data security officer and at horsepower as vice chairman of service delivery operations. He additionally served as a agent with the U.S. United States intelligence agency on law-breaking.

“I assume the most effective chance for them to specialize in services is on the network security facet,” says John Grady, analysis manager, security product at IDC. With Cisco delivery the Sourcefire portfolio into its fold, “the implementation and consulting around IPS and advanced threat detection are necessary. Also, managed offerings investment the present ASA portfolio and Sourcefire product across the broad would see traction.”

Grady adds, “But it’ll be powerful.” Cisco might want to convert existing customers into managed Military Intelligence Section 5 customers, he notes. that will definitely be attainable, however there’s already competition among managed Military Intelligence Section 5 suppliers (MSSP) that will support Cisco instrumentation. additionally, Grady points out, product competitors like Fortinet and holler with its SonicWall gear have sturdy relationships within the MSSP area.