Cisco Telepresence Allows Doctors to Conduct Virtual Consultations

GP practices in European country square measure presently attempting to fill their vacancies with foreign doctors from France, Federal Republic of Germany and Italia, however this can be not a long-run strategy, and over time the availability of qualified GPs can still dwindle away. The health care trade has thus determined to pilot a brand new approach, known as netCare, that allows the supply of telemedicine services in pharmacies.

netCare is that the results of a collaboration between pharmaSuisse (Switzerland’s association of pharmacists), Medgate (Switzerland’s centre for telemedicine), and therefore the medical and accident nondepository financial institution Helsana. With the assistance of Cisco and communications supplier Swisscom, they need equipped two hundred pharmacies in European country with Cisco TelePresence video communication systems.

At the Cisco Live conference in London on, Cisco’s top dog for European country Eric Waltert explained that pharmacists in his country square measure educated to identical level as GPs, however they’re not allowed to sell sure medications while not prescription.

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