Cisco unveils next gen WAAS

Demonstrate at Interop New York this week rolled its next generation of Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) for WAN optimization appliances. Cisco has rejected the advances of Riverbed in this market, losing share to rivals WAN optimization.

The new equipment and software could change the course. They offer up to five times the bandwidth and can support up to three times the users of previous generations of WAAS equipment to better support the richest multimedia content with improved quality. Other drivers of demand for WAAS, virtual desktops, cloud computing services, video and mobile devices in branch offices.

Cisco says the new device can achieve an organization of 150,000 employees, while about Apple iPad with virtual desktops or other tablets. A WAAS device can also be the time it takes to build a PowerPoint presentation, the tablet of each user in a branch Download 30 seconds to 1 second, and also the ability to simultaneously stream high definition video 400 on 150 000 employed devices, Cisco said.

New devices to reduce the amount of material required for this 66% up to Cisco.

The new devices support WAAS data center and branch office deployments. The new 694, 7541, 7571 and 8541-10G Ethernet models are capable, and branch offices and large data centers. Allow 294, 594 and 694 devices using branches up to eight virtual services such as video, virtual desktops and Windows on WAAS, with five times the speed of the previous generation, says Cisco.

Cisco goes to the next generation of WAN optimizers and the opportunity to maybe win back some market share from Riverbed, fueled by a bulletin at Interop New York by the investment firm UBS:

Cisco employees appeared on the price / performance, software quality and flow (eg, doubling the data center of the product) of product enhancements “Fired Up”. Cisco will give them more announcements in the near future. Cisco strives to clearly lost share in this segment, which has generally taken at the expense of RVBD in recent years. Cisco is also claimed benefits of stream and video-performance RVBD with its 8541 products.

Cisco also announced new software for WAAS devices. WAAS v4.4 adds intelligence application software, the function of eliminating duplication of data that is designed for customers to support more video sessions or virtual office from a single system.