Cisco unveils system for super-fast Internet

Cisco Systems announced yesterday the material ultra-fast Internet, promises to strengthen U.S. competitiveness and enable economic recovery through mountains of data at amazing speeds. The leader in network equipment, said the new router “tripled the capacity of its predecessor,” and “allows the entire print collection of the Library of Congress will be downloaded in just over a second.”

The system would also allow “every man, woman and child in China to make a video call, created at the same time, and all films ever streamed in under four minutes to,” said Cisco.

The new Cisco equipment is the backbone of telecommunications companies and ISPs will be able to increase its quantity The quantity of data they handle and how fast it flies.

“They are the plumbers of the Internet,” analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group in Silicon Valley, said Cisco.

“It is they who ensure that the pipes are clean and big enough to manage the flow of traffic and stay in operation.”

AT & T said it is testing the new router in its network and aims to use technology on a large scale.

The U.S. telecommunications giant, has found “bandwidth limit”, as people’s lives revolve around the Internet and access multimedia content such as movies, videos and television shows.

Cisco CEO John Chambers digital video called “the new killer application” and said that most devices connect to the Internet are being developed to meet the demand for such content.

The platform high performance could also apply to Google, which recently revealed its intention to create their own high-speed Internet broadband tempting.

“It will take considerable time to mobilize,” Enderle said the new Cisco equipment. He expects the population of the United States to begin, the impact of new Cisco equipment Internet by mid-decade.

“This is very important for Cisco to individual countries and for us,” said Enderle.

“This could make the country more competitive, not only by selling the technology, but by how it increases the ability of the players here to do business in Internet era.”

With 12 times the traffic capacity of the system closest competitor is developed, the Cisco CRS-3 ‘for broadband communications and entertainment industry by accelerating the deployment of compelling experiences for consumers and new revenue opportunities for service providers transform and new modes of collaborative work, “the company said.

Internet traffic is expected to grow fivefold by 2013, with 90 percent of digital video content to be senior director of Cisco’s service provider marketing Doug Webster.

In the claims that the data is fed by a booming market for smartphone and a global trend unabated software applications are available online services.

Ramp capacity with the new router with a doubling of the intelligence “had been made to keep information flowing in emergency calls efficient, liquid, video and prioritized, Webster told AFP.

“The Internet is an integral part of all aspects of our daily lives,” said Webster. “We need assurance that it can maintain itself in a strong form and pace of the incredible demand for services.”

The routers will be available mid-year at a starting price of U.S. $ 90,000 per unit. Cisco said it was in talks with ISPs around the world.

“The range is essentially the foundation of economic prosperity and social change,” said Webster, noted that high-speed Internet can be used to improve health care, education and transparency in government.

All analysts in the euphoria swept Cisco said the new router is not revolutionary, evolutionary, and other parts of the Internet infrastructure must be expanded to the user even notice a lot of improvement.

ISPs still stinging from economic collapse could slow to invest in portfolios open the new router in front of some analysts.