Cisco, VMware expand collaboration

Cisco and VMware this week expanded its 4 + years of association with the presentation of network virtualization extensions designed to extend the range of movement of virtual machines across multiple data centers and cloud environments.

At VMworld 2011, the company also announced improvements in desktop virtualization and cloud infrastructure products designed to increase scalability, security and performance.

The improvement of the network virtualization, called Extensible Virtual Network local area or VXLAN, is to enable companies to access computing and storage capacity where it is. It also intends to scale through millions of logical networks required to run applications in the cloud, according to Cisco.

VXLAN is a technique for encapsulating the network segment identifiers for the creation of millions of logical networks and for workloads to move through the data centers and infrastructure for the cloud. Network segments that supports multi cloud infrastructure require the segmentation of the security and compliance, according to Cisco.

VXLAN supports applications running on clouds hybrid public / private, and has been submitted to the IETF standardization, according to Cisco. A draft specification is VXLAN the IETF website.

VXLAN technology will support VMware vSphere 5, VMware vCloud Director 1.5 and Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual switch is to deliver, according to Cisco, an “on-demand” infrastructure cloud. VXLAN switch technology from Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual beta will be available in September.

In the desktop virtualization, and VMware Infrastructure Cisco Cisco extended virtualization experience (VXI), announced last November to support VMware View 5. Previously, support for VMware View 4.5.

The company also integrates VMware View VMware and other products of the Cisco collaboration applications. The aim is to provide a “collaborative workspace” which will include call control and scalability with VMware View 5, VMware vSphere 5, Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).

View 5 in Cius VMware and Cisco customers virtualization experience (VXC) 2100 and 2200 endpoints is intended to provide for companies to get real-time access to business applications and content without compromising experience user collaboration, Cisco says. And VMware View with Cisco WebEx Connect 7 is designed to allow “click-to-call” communication among users who use WebEx Connect in Vista VMware virtual desktops.

Cisco said it also plans to integrate its ASA firewall with VMware Virtual vCloud Director to address security in multi cloud infrastructure. The company also integrates Cisco UCS UCS vSphere Manager 2.0 and 5 to facilitate and help automate the deployment of the nodes of VMware vSphere. This will speed up service delivery and potentially reduce errors by implementing the directives of the server and network configuration vSphere VMware images, according to Cisco.

Integrated Cisco and VMware cloud infrastructure and desktop virtualization products are now available. VMware View 5 is expected to be generally available later this quarter.