Cisco, Xerox join for mobile printing

Cisco Systems has teamed up with Xerox to a mobile printing system that users can print from any device from anywhere on any printer to create.

The companies plan to make printing faster and easier for employees to move through routers and softswitches to make the process faster and safer. Cisco channel partners to sell technology and managed services provided by Xerox from a data center with Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) servers, the company announced on Monday will arrive built.

With a portable printer, an employee can send a document from a smartphone device, tablet or other for a service that will make the document available to any printer within an organization. The employee can then go to one of these printers to punch in the code for the document and print it. This could overcome a problem with the widespread adoption of both mobile and desktop virtualization business caused, said analyst Rob Whiteley, Forrester Research. Printing is often overlooked, he said.

“The appetite to implement such changes is very high … and then, here, things like print quickly become one of the things that are just not working hard, or they work but there must be some sort of complex issues to manage, “said Whiteley.

A typical print ad hoc method to obtain a document from a mobile device to send e-mail to someone who is sitting near a printer and print it, he said. In addition to being cumbersome and time consuming, it can circumvent corporate security on the viewing or saving a document.

To quit printing from mobile devices is increasingly important as more users of mobile phones and tablets, but the technology is still in its infancy, said Angele Boyd, an analyst at IDC.

“The infrastructure is not there today,” said Boyd.

Xerox introduced a mobile printing system earlier this year, but left to companies or system integrators to deploy and configure. Other vendors, including Cisco rival Hewlett-Packard, have also introduced such systems. The idea behind the partnership between Xerox and Cisco provides the network in the image.

The company prints agents in Cisco routers and switches to build, starting with the ISR (Integrated Services Router), designed the popular multi-purpose router for small businesses and branch offices. They will also help Cisco WAN network acceleration products to travel faster print jobs and Cisco security tools to provide information not found in the wrong hands, the company said.

The technology does not require a Cisco network from end to end, the company said. In the future, Xerox wants to work with printers from other manufacturers of printers and outside own organization of the user, as seen in the office with a client.

Cisco and Xerox will provide printing features three mobile products. Xerox Managed Print Services (MPS) on Cisco Borderless Networks is a software product from Xerox that offers tools for companies to implement mobile printing services for their employees. The software has the advantage of IOS (Internetwork Operating System) provides network equipment Cisco, security, WAN optimization and pressure monitoring for mobile printing. Cisco channel partners will also be able to use Xerox MPS to provide these services to businesses. Xerox MPS should be offered by Cisco channel partners in the United States in July or August and Europe in January.

Xerox Cloud ITO Services is a set of services, including mobile printing, Xerox will offer companies and small businesses. Xerox services to move from the acquisition of ACS in the past year. They will run on Xerox data centers built with Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) server and infrastructure Vblock made from Cisco networking and computing, EMC storage and VMware virtualization software. These services will also be sold by the Cisco channel. They are available from a limited and may be generally available in January next year, the company said.

It is also customer specific software for the Cisco Cius tablet and businesses for their virtualization Cisco devices Experience Client residing on the corporate desktop and can have a virtual desktop for users to write there. Users Xerox Mobile Print Solution can ensure that clients print documents on any printer in the company. The software will be available as soon as the Cius starts May 31