D-Link makes home Wi-Fi routers greener

With D-Link Green Ethernet technology and programming of Wi-Fi, the new router can save up to 41% of energy consumption of a standard wireless router.

The line of Wireless N routers are shipped with D-Link Green Ethernet technology, which saves energy by automatically detecting link status and network cable length and adjust power accordingly, along with programming Wi-Fi to the client when the program Wi-Fi signal is activated to further reduce energy consumption.

Albert Harrison, regional sales director, D-Link Middle East, said: “D-Link is working to take the lead in integrating innovative technology, saving energy in our home and enterprise networking solutions that does not sacrifice performance Offering or functionality. green upgrades to some of our Wi-Fi routers more popular, we are helping protect the environment while our customers save money in the process. ”

The new technology is part of a green computing initiative D-Link, which also includes the implementation of standards for energy consumption and use of materials, and consumer education and recycling program.