Dell PowerEdge VRTX review: a flexible server, storage and networking package

Over the years server vendors have developed a spread of all-in-one product with multiple servers, storage and, sometimes, networking all shoehorned along into one box. The aim was to deliver enterprise practicality during a format that smaller corporations may each afford and manage, however few ever caught on due, mainly, to area constraints and an absence of quantifiability. that appears set to vary with the introduction of Dell PowerEdge VRTX (pronounced Vertex), a compact however terribly climbable all-in-one blade server with integrated storage and networking and some of distinctive technology twists that set it except for earlier tries.

One of the key mercantilism points has got to be the choice to base the VRTX on identical blade technology as in Dell’s standard M1000e enclosure. Or rather, identical blades however with totally different code to require advantage of VRTX-specific options (about that additional shortly).

Two blades ar offered, the M520 and M620, each with twin sockets to require Xeon E5-2400 and Xeon E5-2600 processors severally. Our review system came with the higher-spec M620, which may be given with a spread of processors from the E5-2600 family, hollow choosing the mid-range E5-2650 (2.0GHz, eight cores and sixteen threads) on the system we have a tendency to tested.


Backed up by twenty-four DIMM slots, the M620 will carry up to 768GB of RAM, ours shipping with a ‘mere’ 96GB. that also enabled the M620 to put down a Geekbench multicore score of twenty-six,249 — a result that compares well with different Windows servers supported identical semiconducting material, and one that might be additional increased by choosing quicker high clock speeds. throughout our analysis, the even faster v2 (Ivy Bridge EP) implementation of the Xeon processor was adscititious as Associate in Nursing choice on each VRTX blades, and this is often what most new consumers can opt for.

An impressive server in its claim, the M620 additional edges from Associate in Nursing on-board PERC RAID controller connected to a combine of onboard SFF (2.5-inch) disks. the standard storage suspects ar all offered, together with each SSD and magnetic drives, the review system that includes 300GB 10K SAS disks on the blades in the main for boot and native storage functions, with shared storage on an individual basis provided for inside the VRTX enclosure.


Talking of the enclosure, it’s doable to order the VRTX as either a free-standing tower or as a 5U rack unit. Either means you get basically identical chassis, however with alittle of additional metalwork and elective wheels to form it into a tower and also the same color alphanumeric display panel for enclosure management inconveniently mounted sideways if you decide for the rack.