DLink Support for Non-Technical Users

I recently helped a person who had a new DIR-655 and was not really an IT person, so I only had a working knowledge of networks.

I was having problems getting your 655 to connect via PPPoE and it turns out he had made an assumption about how the routers that was not true, but it was a pretty easy assumption to make if not exactly understand how routers work with PPPoE.

What really bothers me about this situation was that DLink demanded money to support it. There is something fundamentally wrong with how customers DLink support here. Selling a highly technical device for the average home user, usually non-technical. Therefore, it is fully expected that some users struggle that they were created.

DLink unreasonably expect the lame manual will be enough for any normal person to follow and if not, they will demand money from them to explain what is configured correctly. They are making money with customers who buy its products again and again to explain to customers how to use their products.

I think it just stinks of greed. Some users just do not understand, naturally, and must be trained. Its products are designed for home, they will get IT DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS FROM YOUR TOWN and it should offer support for free.

Basically, if you’re an average home user, DO NOT BUY DLINK as routers need a certain level of IT skills to set and if you do not, DLink demand money from you to help with their routers.

Better off looking for a company that is willing to support IT illiterate consumers free of charge. If you know of one, post a comment.