Ex-Sun Boss McNealy Sides With Oracle in Google Dispute

Former Sun boss Scott McNealy sided with Oracle on Th in its dispute with Google over mechanical man, testifying in court that corporations required a license to use Sun’s Java programming interfaces.

McNealy’s testimony contrasted thereupon of dessert apple Schwartz, WHO became Sun’s chief operating officer when McNealy and was additionally on the stand Th. Schwartz emphasised Java’s openness and testified that Sun ne’er felt it had grounds to bring a causa against Google.

The two were testifying within the second week of Oracle’s causa against Google, during which it accuses the corporate of infringing Oracle’s Java patents and copyrights within the mechanical man OS. Oracle nonheritable the rights to Java once it bought Sun in early 2010.

McNealy co-founded Sun in 1982 and was its chairman and chief operating officer till 2006, once he handed the chief operating officer title to Schwartz. He remained chairman till Oracle bought Sun.

The former Sun chiefs disagreed with one another on many problems, and also the jurors can ought to select WHO to believe.

For example, Schwartz recommended his journal at Sun mirrored the company’s company policy which his journal posts were “the equivalent of holding a news conference.” A 2007 post from Schwartz congratulating Google on Android’s unleash has become a vital piece of proof at trial.

However, McNealy same double he had ne’er scan Schwartz’s journal, which Sun’s policy on blogs was that they were “not company however rather personal things.”

They additionally disagreed on whether or not corporations required a license to use Sun’s application programming interfaces for Java, a central issue within the case. McNealy same Sun authorised its arthropod genus and compared them to “architectural drawings” — just like Oracle’s characterization of the arthropod genus as “blueprints.”

Schwartz testified that corporations may use Java while not a license ciao as they did not claim to be “Java compatible” and use the Java brand.

Attorneys for every facet tried to undermine the jury’s confidence in each toilet facility testimony. Robert Van Nest, AN lawyer for Google, recommended to McNealy that he was a “close personal friend” of Oracle chief operating officer Larry Ralph Waldo Ellison which he had created “a batch of money” once Oracle bought Sun.

“I paid out,” McNealy same. “I suppose the money had already been created.”

Van Nest additionally noted that McNealy stated Ralph Waldo Ellison during a speech last year as “a national economic hero” and recommended renaming a neighborhood field when him.

“Anyone WHO pays that abundant taxes may be a national economic hero,” McNealy same Th.

Michael Jacobs, AN lawyer for Oracle, asked Schwartz at the tip of his testimony if he had not been “fired on day one” once Oracle took over Sun.

“I believe I resigned,” Schwartz same. “They already had a chief operating officer.”