Find Wi-Fi Hot Spots Around You

Nowadays you will find that many laptops and portable devices such as personal digital assistants have built-in wireless Internet that is Wi-Fi chips. This definitely makes Internet use much more easier. The use of wireless Internet networks through Wi-Fi hot spots has now become a popular process. This will not affect the health of your PC.

Wireless Internet is a common word, but sometimes it can be hard to find a hot spot while traveling in to an unfamiliar territory. Through these points you can discover tips and strategies for finding Wi-Fi hot spots so that you can get it online while on the road.

Just drive into to your current city’s downtown business district where you will find many office hot spots. You will also find that many downtown libraries, cafes and bookstores offers wireless Internet to cater to the needs of the downtown business demographic.

You can also check the hotel at which you are staying. As nowadays most of the hotel chains do offer wireless Internet networks, many of which are free to guests. You can even use a Wi-Fi finder to search those Wi-Fi connections. All these kind of devices emit a sound tone or flash a light when you are within range of an open hot spot.

This will definitely save your time from always having to open your laptop or portable device and also conserve your main electronic appliance’s battery. Products like Linksys’ WUSBF54G keychain router comes with a detector, SparkLAN’s WUBZ-102 signal detector and ZyXEL’s AG-225H Wi-Fi Finder. Just remember to run the device while driving through a town and stop when it alerts you to an open network. This will help you to find that Wi-Fi network around you.

You can even stop at Starbucks coffee shop or a McDonald’s eatery. Both of these chains do offer wireless connectivity at most locations. You will find that those McDonald’s hot spots may be free or fee-driven, depending on your location. Even all those wireless Internet connections at all Starbucks locations are free for the first two hours if you have a registered Starbucks gift card. Even those independent coffee shops also offer hot spots.

You can even enter your destination’s information into the JiWire database or Wi-Fi Hotspot List directory, which can almost tracks over 200,000 hot spots around the world. Do you know that even Wi-Fi repeaters receive radio signals which are sent from your wireless router and then they broadcast them to computers in a local setup?

Well these kinds of repeaters can even boost signals weakened by walls and other obstructions. If you supply power to the repeater, it will allow the devices to amplify the signal and rebroadcast it; this will definitely expand the range of your network. You just have to follow some easy steps to set up your repeater.

Therefore next time when you want to connect to Internet, you just need to find a Wi-Fi hotspot around you. You can definitely use these steps to find a safe Wi-Fi hotspot around you. Just find a safe Wi-Fi connection;