GDRs and Microsoft’s road to Windows Phone Blue

The Windows Phone division has gone larely quiet, as of late. This appears to be a technique, given laptop Mag’s report concerning Microsoft’s back-room goings-on from Mobile World Congress in metropolis in the week. “Shut up and ship” is that the Windows Phone team’s new rallying cry, laptop magazine says, with commitments from officers to prevent talking concerning new platform updates “months and months” before they’re obtainable.

Given that caveat, it’s no surprise that we have not detected something concerning what is next for the Windows Phone OS from the team. Company officers are not fielding questions on “GDR2” that is listed by because the software powering the alleged HTC Windows Phone “Tiara,” due out this summer.

Here’s what one amongst my sources — United Nations agency has been in-the-know concerning Microsoft’s OS plans — told ME.

GDR stands for “General Distribution unleash.” It means that a product update distributed commercially. it is a naming convention that numerous groups at Microsoft have used for years.

“Portico,” that was the Windows Phone update that Microsoft, phone manufacturers and carriers are distributing over the past number of months, is taken into account the “GDR1” update to the Windows Phone eight OS, I hear.

GDR2 is that the next Windows Phone eight update. If the leaks concerning the HTC jewelled headdress ar correct, that OS unleash ought to be drained following number of months in order that it is preloaded on new Windows Phones coming back this spring/summer.

I hear from my contact there is conjointly a GDR3 on the roadmap. I actually have no data on what is during this or once it’s slated to arrive.

After that, it’s Windows Phone Blue. Windows Phone Blue is that the Windows Phone OS update designed to bring the Windows eight, Windows RT and Windows Phone eight app models and developer platforms a lot of into synchronize. purportedly the Windows Blue update includes new programming interfaces, kernel updates and a few programme enhancements (though nothing too major on the UI front, I’ve heard).

And this “Apollo Plus” thing? From what i am hearing recently, Phoebus|Greek deity} and is not a codename for a few Windows Phone OS update to Apollo (a k a the Windows Phone eight OS). it had been simply a reputation the Softies used at one purpose to refer usually to updates to the Windows Phone eight OS. I actually have no any data on when/whether VPN property remains on the roadmap, perhaps as a part of a GDR update, Windows Phone Blue or one thing on the far side that.

The best news altogether this, if you are associate existing Windows Phone eight user: of these GDRs and also the Blue update itself ought to work simply fine on your phone, in keeping with Windows Phone Senior promoting Manager Greg Sullivan. PCMag says Sullivan is saying that Windows Phone eight users ought to don’t have anything to concern from the approaching upgrades.