Google extends Google Apps for Voice and about 50 other services

Google has online applications extends its productivity suite of applications. This includes Voice VoIP service. According to the company to provide users of Google Apps as well as text and spreadsheets, Google Mail, Calendar, Google Sites, and now total more than 60 services. However, subject to existing service agreements, which contain, among other commitments to availability, not the new services added. In addition, all customers to transfer their accounts to a new system to gain access to new applications can.

Customers can choose what features will be available to employees of a company. Especially for small companies, Google could be very interesting voice, because the VoIP service is a cost effective alternative to expensive fixed lines. However, the voice is now only available in the U.S. In addition, the search provider has changed the name of their online applications. There are four variants: Google Apps, Google Apps for business, Google Apps for Google applications to Government and Education.

Google Apps is a free, email, calendar, text and tables, and includes sites. Google Apps for Business costs € 40 per user per year. It also includes an availability of 99.9 percent, 25 GB email storage per user and compatibility with Blackberry and Microsoft Outlook. Google Apps for Education is aimed at universities and schools, while Google Apps is designed for the administration of governmental organizations. At least, had Microsoft ‘s previously BPOS name (Business Productivity Online Suite) services known revision cloud. Office 365 contains, in addition to Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and offline Lync, the first time that the Office Web Apps. The software giant offers SMEs, large enterprises and educational institutions in versions adapted.