Google Maps for Android adds Transit Navigation

Google announced Google Maps 5.7 for Android, bringing a version of turn-by-turn navigation service for the public roads.

Google Maps Navigation Transit provides detailed information on public transport for more than 400 cities around the world, so you can plan your trip better.

Instead of turn-by-turn directions, offers a navigation service transit stop-by-stop, making it easier for users to travel to foreign countries to follow their journey.

The new feature also supports multitasking, so if you quit the application, you will receive a notification, you will be asked to go to the next stop, or if transferred to another train.

further improvements

And the transit-navigation has improved aspects of driving and Google added walking on the request and has refined the look of the search for the destinations easier to identify.

You can also can read the images for locations closer to the 5.7 updated.You look about him and the rest of the updates in detail on the official Google blog.

Of course, the application is still free for all users of Android and should automatically download to your mobile phone.