Hitachi switches to SANbox

Hitachi Data Systems announced it has completed the qualification of 8 ports QLogic SANbox ™ 16-port Fibre Channel switches for use in large-scale storage area network (SAN), which develops solutions for customers.

The switches are available from Hitachi Data Systems, which has provided previous generations of switches QLogic SAN for customers since early 1999.

Storage Area Networks developed by Hitachi Data Systems reflects the opinion of the company switched networks based on Fibre Channel technology is the only practical way for large and medium enterprises to achieve the scalability needed to solve their most vexing problems of storage of the management – such as storage and server consolidation.

Provide an economical way for customers to upgrade their SAN configurations from entry level enterprise level, SANbox is the first product on the market that allows users to exit the limited scalability of Fibre Channel-Arbitrated-Loop (FC-AL ) settings for full participation in highly scalable switched fabric SAN.

“The data storage needs are doubling every nine months, driven by the growth of Internet computing and transaction processing systems such as electronic commerce,” said Mark Edwards, senior vice president, QLogic Computer Systems and Products Switch . “This is why it makes sense to install a SAN that can scale beyond a handful of devices and a few terabytes of data.”

“With the QLogic SANbox switch technology, Hitachi Data Systems is well positioned to deliver high performance SAN solutions that can easily expand to handle explosive database growth,” said Greg Cornfield, vice president and general manager for Asia Pacific, Hitachi Data Systems.