How to Connect Your PC to Your TV

There are many people who do not know how they connect their PC to a TV. It provides remedies for many people, but it is easy. There are several reasons for connecting a PC to the TV. Today, DVD is a standard PC hardware and it will eliminate additional costs to purchase 50 to $ 100 DVD player. In addition to watching television programs by cable, you can see many television network that broadcast on the Internet on the TV itself. Finally, connect the PC to the TV a good way to play music during the evening.

Your PC or laptop to a TV if the PC Windows XP or higher. There are several ways to connect a PC to a TV, all need is the wiring is correct.

Check the TV and PC functions to see exactly what is required to join. If it is an old TV, it can be a composite connector (cable with three son with red, yellow, white connectors). The new televisions are generally HDMI, Component, VGA and / or DVI. Modern computers have VGA or DVI outputs. Many laptops have S-Video or a variant of the Mini / Micro-DVI.

TV with a VGA or DVI is the best. In this case, an adapter is not necessary, but need an additional audio cable. Check the TV or a stereo jack 3.5 mm or the red and white composite cable from the VGA / DVI. If this is the red / white composite audio inputs, the cable will have red / white connectors on one end and a 3.5mm stereo plug on the other. The headphone jack is 3.5mm in the PC / speaker.

Another scenario would be better that the PC has an HDMI or DVI (with sound) and TV-out has an HDMI input. For this scenario, you only need an HDMI cable or HDMI cable and a DVI-HDMI. For the remaining compounds suitable adapter is not necessary.

PC settings
Once connections are made, there is one last step to getting the PC display on the TV. be configured to display the settings for this PC. Follow the steps below –

• You Go to menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> select Display. Select the Settings tab and click the Advanced button.
• The options presented in the dialog box depends on the graphics card based on the video.
• You will find the tab that are specific to the video card. It is usually the manufacturer’s name on the tab.
• In the Graphics tab to see if it has options such as clone or dual or multiple indicators, etc.
Check the appropriate box or radio buttons for the desired configuration and click Apply.

Old TVs will not display a high resolution. In addition, some TVs will only accept certain resolutions lately. If this does not immediately change the resolution. If this does not work, try restarting the PC connected to TV. The PC can automatically detect and configure the display for you.