How to Make a Computer Run Faster in 3 Quick Steps

Take a moment to think about your computer. Since you first bought it, have you noticed a slow down of functioning, or a decrease in performance? You will find that it’s a natural inevitability for a computer to lose its speed and efficiency over time, but it’s more often than not caused by the lack of or improper maintenance. If you’re thinking about how to make a computer run faster, there are many solutions you can turn to. This article will narrow down 3 quick steps that you can consider in order for you to regain the performance your computer once had, or even improve it.

1. Think about your registry

When you are thinking about how to make a computer run faster, your registry should be the first place that you look into. Your registry is the place on your computer where all the commands for your computer and the necessary information for those commands are stored. You will find that the registry is the one place that your computer relies on every time that it needs to open a file or to run a program. Hence, if this area gets corrupted, you are going to end up with a sluggish computer. Fortunately, you will find that there are a number of registry cleaners out there; some are free, and the more reliable ones may cost you, but they will all help you clean and reorganize your registry. As time goes on, your registry will become cluttered and more difficult to deal with, so make sure that you take this basic step.

2. Uninstall unused programs

The first time you notice your computer slowing down, take the time to stop and to see what you can do to speed it up. You can do this by simply uninstalling applications you don’t really need. Free up space by removing unnecessary programs from your computer. All you need to do is to open up your control panel and to go to the icon that says “Add/Delete Programs”, and check all the programs you want to uninstall. Then, after a restart, you will notice a significant improvement in your computer’s speed, especially if you’ve defragmented your drive after the uninstallation to reorganize the data in your computer. However, make sure you know a particular program before you uninstall it; uninstalling the wrong thing can give your computer some serious operation issues.

3. Run your anti-virus/anti-adware programs

If you are looking into how to make a computer run faster, remember that you need to think about how your computer accesses the internet. You will find that even if you have a firewall up, there are ways that adware, malware and viruses can get onto your computer. Most of these malicious programs run in the background, and consume a considerable amount of RAM that affects the performance of your computer. Take some time to keep your computer clean of these viruses.

If you are thinking about how to make a computer run faster, remember that it can be quite easy. Take a look at these three simple steps and think about how they can improve your computer’s speed and functionality.