HP calls Oracle’s secrecy claim a ‘cheap shot’

Hewlett-Packard and Oracle continue to throw mud in a legal dispute over the decision to abandon the wicked Oracle support for Itanium systems, in which each side accusing the other of unfair publicity stunts and confidentiality.

On Thursday, HP has responded to the demand for Oracle last month that HP tried to information that would be its position in the case of hiding weaken.

“Oracle’s opposition, who, trying to lock their complaint under HP-file argument to suppress the truth on the basis of its claims against Oracle. Nothing could be further from the truth, “wrote lawyers for HP.” There is not one word of complaint to HP, as HP is not willing – indeed eager to make public -. ”

HP uses Intel’s Itanium processors in its server operating system with HP-UX. HP has chosen Oracle violation of a contractual agreement when it is necessary to stop developing new software for Itanium. Oracle said there was no such legal agreement.

HP filed its complaint under seal parts, including the conditions of an agreement on dispute settlement in the lawsuit as against its former CEO of HP, Mark Hurd, filed, after taking a job with Oracle. The setting included a contractual obligation between the companies to support more products, according to HP.

Oracle has downplayed the importance of the pact, calling it no longer show as a “corporate hug”, the company had ended their feud. Oracle also said that HP has tried to keep the agreement on dispute settlement under a bushel, because the release would be detrimental to its cause.

This is far from the truth, HP said in its filing Thursday.

“When Oracle knows HP filed its complaint with published references to the Settlement Agreement, as at the urging of all parties – Oracle, HP and Hurd – the agreement includes a provision that the parties which prevents them from disclose the terms of the agreement for all purposes, “said HP. “HP has been committed, the conditions of strict confidentiality clause of honor and took to the appropriate procedural steps.”

However, Oracle has decided to “land a low blow” against HP, the filing continues through “inappropriate doping record with inflammatory and misleading statements about the merits of the action.”

HP reiterated his belief that Oracle has a commitment to continue to be made with HP.

“Oracle argues that the provision is simply a” general statement of non-contractual “partnership”, the “HP can not seriously claim that” Oracle also requires its database and other software on HP platforms port ” the filing states. ” But that is exactly what the General Counsel, Oracle said HP specifically designed to provide in the negotiations on the agreement. ”

While HP is ready to make an unexpurgated version of its public, the agreement should remain in dispute settlement next to the section on contractual obligations, the United HP deposition sealed.

HP Oracle describes the position, without specific allegations in their petition.

“Oracle is not interested in anything public resistance,” Oracle said in a brief statement. “The complaint disclosed and the agreement on dispute settlement in full without delay.”