HP consolidates, protects data centers

HP announced this week switching products for data centers and security designed to simplify server connectivity and secure data in a converged infrastructure.

For server connectivity in a converged data center, HP announced a Fibre Channel-over-Ethernet switch module A5820 your data center, which is inherited through the acquisition of 2.7 billion U.S. dollars of 3Com . The module alleviates the need for two adapters to allow the physical and virtual servers to access network resources and storage – Fibre Channel running over Ethernet on the access level to the server.

Fibre Channel over Ethernet allows synchronization of large data centers

FCoE is considered by many in the industry for the key technology for the convergence of LAN and storage traffic area network on a common Ethernet lossless switching fabric in the data center. The main benefits are lower costs and simplified operation because these networks are separate and distinct, requiring servers to support separate adapters to access both.

HP says that customers can reduce the necessary equipment and wiring up to 75%, focusing on the edge server consolidation. In fact, FCoE will take over first in the access layer to the server and the rules and characteristics of the mature technology – such as the IETF TRILL (transparent interconnection of lots of links) for multihop capacity and multiple – are expected to More will be deployed at the core of data center networks to facilitate the construction of much greater convergence tissues.

The module has four ports HP FCoE and two runs on a chassis A5820. HP says that complements the recent introduction FlexFabric Module for BladeSystem Virtual Connect, which provides connectivity to traditional and virtual servers.

The module costs $ 12,499 and will be available in late summer or early fall.

For the safety of the data center, HP introduced four HP TippingPoint S Series products for physical and virtual domains. They are: * TippingPoint security Virtualization Framework (SVF) and TippingPoint virtual driver (vController). SVF inspects traffic for the virtual machine to prevent malicious content from damaging the network. The vController extends this capability to all network traffic through Platform-N HP TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

* TippingPoint Digital Vaccine service reputation (Rep DV) provides users with a list of websites that they exhibit suspicious behavior and blocks.

* A7500 S1200N TippingPoint IPS module that offers the IPS inspection on a blade form factor. This works with existing HP A7500 switches for users looking to consolidate security in a network device.

* S1500 SSL TippingPoint appliance, a dedicated device to decrypt and re-encryption Secure Sockets Layer web site traffic. This allows encrypted network traffic to be inspected for malicious content.