Improvement Cisco routers, switches collaboration

Cisco this week is spreading its branches routers and LAN switches in an effort to improve collaboration capabilities of enterprise customers.

Cisco is expanding its integrated services routers (ISR) and Catalyst 4500 and 6500 changes with the new models, line cards and communications software to cope with mobility, sustainability and (UC) requirements.

For the ISR, Cisco is introducing two low-end models: the 880 and 890 VDSL2. Both are aimed at small businesses and offering options for faster broadband and higher performance, integrated security and wireless connectivity.

Another novelty is the ISR 1861W, which is aimed at small businesses with voice and integration requirements cabling / wireless. Compatible with IEEE 802.11g WLAN.

Cisco is supporting high-speed packet access (HSPA) in module 3G Wireless Wide Area Network ISR. HSPA increases the bandwidth and performance for the applications module backup or disaster recovery.

Cisco also says Singlewire software applications now run on the platform of income tax extension request (AXP) service module. InformaCast Singlewire package is simultaneously sent a stream of audio or text message to multiple IP phones IP speakers, desktop systems and reporting systems for paging.

The ISR is also compatible with the following characteristics of UC collaboration and mobility:

* Cisco Unified SIP Proxy to reduce the costs of deployment of UC.

* Firms voice in the security module of the IP network to make voice calls more secure.

* Mobility and video capabilities of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

* Timecard management capabilities of Cisco Unity Express to improve employee productivity in the branch.

ISR EtherSwitch the computer’s Ethernet switching modules are now also compatible with Cisco EnergyWise power technology to help improve the efficiency of energy use on the LAN.

For LAN Catalyst switches, Cisco unveiled a supervisor module for the Catalyst 4500 series. The 6L-E is designed for media collaboration and energy efficiency of wiring closet switches through support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus 30 watts.

PoE Plus is an extension of PoE standard for video and wireless support access point.

Cisco also released a 48-card ports 10/100/1000 Mbps line that allows 30 watts PoE for devices such as video phones, dual-band wireless access points, devices, service and construction of camcorders surveillance. Cisco says it also extended its home support intelligent call notification functions and capabilities to the Catalyst 4500 EnergyWise.

The Catalyst 4500 and Cisco switches every wiring closet, now also have a limited lifetime warranty, according to Cisco.

For the Catalyst 6500, Cisco has enhanced its use in the campus backbone by integrating virtual switching system (VSS) and service capabilities of the switch module. This allows customers to deploy firewall, network analysis module (NAM), and modules of wireless services in its main campus VSS, for the scale of spine and reliability, according to Cisco.

The new capabilities of NAM provides visibility into voice applications, analysis of targeted traffic and MPLS networks, according to Cisco.

Meanhwhile, Cisco says there is plenty of life left in the Catalyst 6500 even though the company launched the next generation switch for data center Nexus unified fabric. The Nexus is optimized for environments, while the Catalyst 6500 which will probably not reach FibreChannel over Ethernet (FCoE) unified I / S and without loss of Data Center Ethernet capabilities, said Srikant Kumar, vice president of product management for Cisco Campus Switching Systems Technology Group.

That does not mean that the Catalyst 6500 600000 chassis should be implemented for retirement, says Srikant. For example, the current VSS Supervisor 720 with 40 Gbps per slot only units in the system despite the Catalyst 6500 is capable of 80Gbps per slot, said.

Therefore, one might expect other supervisor engine before driving out the Catalyst 6500 to 80Gbps per slot or higher. And since most of the supervisor engines have a cycle of 10 to 12 years, according to Srikant, and Sup 720 was released in 2003, a new supervisor may extend the life of the Catalyst 6500 for another 10 to 12 years.

“It’s the B-52 switching,” says Srikant the Catalyst 6500, referring to the venerable U.S. military aircraft.

The Catalyst 6500 should reach EnergyWise energy efficiency capabilities in the first half of 2010, Srikant said.