Jabra adds headset support for Siemens’ OpenScape

There area unit a litany of issues with conducting business calls on the go, however wireless device maker Jabra and Siemens’ Enterprise Communications arm ask for to resolve one amongst them by partnering to support the latter’s OpenScape Mobile decision Swipe feature, that permits you to change devices while not losing affiliation or switch headsets.

Here’s however it works: with a swipe, you’ll move a voice language from associate workplace phone or laptop computer to a mobile device. It’s all a part of the “unified communications” trend that basically aims — through technological cooperation — to create conversations concerning UN agency you are rebuke, not however you are rebuke them.

Jabra’s Holger Reisinger says that the feature is “solving a long, low-tech challenge for mobile employees, moving from the workplace to the automotive while not having to interrupt the decision to vary device,” however i’m wondering however pervasive this downside very is.