Japan’s Gree buys North American country mobile game developer

Japanese mobile social game network, Gree, has bought U.S.-based mobile game developer, App pismire Studios, for AN covert add in a very bid to grow each its game list and overseas footprint as well as within the us.

In a press statement Monday, Gree aforesaid the U.S. developer, that is predicated within the San Franscisco Bay space, can facilitate expand its game portfolio and reach its goal of one billion users worldwide.

The current employees at App pismire Studio can be a part of Gree’s San Francisco-based workplace, as well as the four founders World Health Organization can lead the sport development and engineering groups, the corporate extra.

“The team at App pismire Studios has frequently affected North American country with the standard of its engineering, art, and overall product,” aforesaid Naoki Aoyagi, chief executive officer of Gree International. “With our perpetually growing and evolving mobile game market, having such exceptional talent on board to make nice experiences for the newest hardware could be a immense priority for North American country.”

Gree and App pismire Studios antecedently worked along to developed Dino Life, AN humanoid game.

The acquistion comes simply months once Gree bought U.S. mobile game developer, Funzio, last might in a very deal value US$210 million. Funzio’s employees additionally joined Gree’s San Francisco’s workplace. Aoyagi aforesaid effort Funzio aligned with its vision for the world’s largest mobile social games scheme.

The other major U.S. company acquisition for Gree was inked in April 2011 once it bought mobile game platform maker, OpenFeint, for US$104 million.