Juniper eyes midmarket, aims for Cisco

Update will be published by a number of announcements this week seem company Juniper Networks to provide its views on new markets, particularly the segment is currently dominated by market leader Cisco Systems.

The maker of networking equipment has a new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) agreement with Dell Computer, where PC makers have signed the contract, resale and support of Juniper network equipment for businesses.

The partnership will allow Dell products packaged set comes with its own storage and servers in the data center customers who sell to a single agreement with the seller.

Cisco earlier this year in the market for server hardware with the “Unified Computing ‘unit. It was announced in March a series of blade servers and install a server rack in June that the network of computer components and virtualization combined.

Juniper is also introducing a new chipset and the modernization of the software platform. The new processors are part of a new family of “trio” integrated card product line and is touted to be able to define the bandwidth of the devices on the market today doubled.

Lam Chee Keong, director of marketing of business solutions, Juniper Asia Pacific, ZDNet Asia, said in an interview with the modular set of chips are on the cards MX-3D new line, and can ask for its range MX-series routers, Ethernet in smaller form factors.

MX80 a new router instead of one eighth of the competition so that more can be packed in a data center, said Lam.

Juniper also plans to open a new platform with the hope that the development of third-party network Junos operating system.

To promote the development of new coins of space Junos, the company has three applications together with the release of the platform to start. An application called Route Analyzer for shortages on the roads can be optimized between data centers.

Junos Space directed to building applications with graphical user interface for easy network management and automation of tasks is based, he said.

“We hope to eliminate boredom with some network management tasks in this context,” he said, these include the development of the typical tasks of the command line, the other in a command-line Drag drop, as might be transformed.

Juniper is also hoping that its hardware partners to launch applications for managing your equipment. For example, a provider of virtualization, an application that creates the automated movement of virtual machines through a router which automatically enables the Ethernet port and needed to close the connection after the whole movement, said Lam.

Greater momentum in the mid-market
These ads look Juniper obviously a piece of cake from the middle market segment, currently dominated by Cisco.

Lam said that is part of the paper, the OEM to make their way to their Juniper network equipment providers to sell new services already manages Dell computers with the network portion of Juniper. The partnership with Dell, which has been “particularly successful in the middle of the market with servers at low cost” offers a new way of marketing for Juniper, which has “traditionally focused on large companies.”

“The quickest way would be [Juniper] to extend the reach through partnerships,” he said.

As new products are designed for service providers, Lam expects the interest of companies to be high. “Enterprise [data center] is required to service the same time for more service providers as well.

“And start small businesses that require high scalability [network equipment],” he said.

Upgrading the hardware and software has also a step toward Juniper Cloud project “Stratus” is announced. He said to grow earlier this year to compete with other companies to a Web of data center converged with the efforts of Cisco.

Teams clouds Juniper products are ultimately very different given known, said Lam. “Only in the communication between hardware and software, and [are] strong virtualization.”