Juniper Networks security talk from conferences

Its conference room near seasonal security in Las Vegas and a month of arrival, a presentation was given by Black Hat and Defcon.

Juniper Networks, then moved to a conference on the errors in the ATM software, has been a researcher plans to hold conferences in checkpoint security, according to complaints ATM provider.

In his lecture “Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines,” Barnaby Jack intends to local and remote attack vectors discussed at an ATM and a live demonstration of an attack on an ATM unmodified.

The description of the conference, which was set at Defcon website appears to have been removed, however, said: “The most common attacks on ATMs usually involves the use of the card skimmers, or theft of these devices themselves. Rarely seen targeted attacks on the underlying software. This presentation is the steps I follow to analyze the interface and find a weakness in a number of popular new model ATM. ”

Said in a statement, Juniper Networks, the company “Jack’s believes that research is important to be presented at a public forum, which is at the level of security. However, the affected ATM provider, we expressed concern by the announcement, the research protected by its elements in their entirety. Given the size and potential exposure of this issue to other vendors, Juniper has set Jack to all interested suppliers to move sufficiently addressed the issues found his research. ”

Juniper Networks is directed to other ATM providers to help them, ask for security risks in search of Jack discovered the statement.

Giving the company does not know what the builders were slot machines can be addressed in the discussion. Jack could not be reached for comment.

Safety issues related to ATM machines are a hot topic. Last month, we discovered, a computer forensics expert that Malware on ATMs, enabling criminals to steal account information and PINs have been discovered. Three people were arrested after stolen last year, the break in the Citibank ATM network inside 7-Eleven stores and PINs.

It is the second consecutive year that the format in one of two conferences, security has been given. Last year, a presentation on hacking smart cards in the Boston subway was used after a federal judge granted a request blocked Massachusetts Transit Authority for an injunction. The process was then released and contribute to improving the three MIT students who completed a muzzle finally agreeing to the transit system to its ticketing system.

And other researchers have encountered problems after having their conversations. In 2005, a security researcher position in his presentation at Defcon, how hackers could enter the Cisco routers, but hours later, Cisco Systems, brought an action against him. The case was eventually settled.

Things were even more dramatic in 2001 when the FBI took Russian crypto expert Dmitry Sklyarov into custody at his hotel in Las Vegas the day after their Defcon talk about insecurity in the e-book security software there.

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