Juniper unveils new brand

Juniper Networks has announced a major set of new solutions and partnerships which it says will “reinvent the experience and economics of networking”.

The new releases include new processors, new Junos software, new solutions for cloud networking and security, and strategic partnerships

Kevin Johnson, CEO of Juniper said: “Networks are now clearly the hub of business and community around the world, and that’s driving massive scale requirements for the next decade. Driven by our mission to connect everything and empower everyone, Juniper believes it’s time for a new approach to networking. An approach based on smart systems and open software platforms. An approach that adapts to changing business dynamics. An approach that embraces partnership and unleashes innovation.”

The new Junos software platform has been created to allow customers to directly program multiple layers of their networks. The platform includes the Junos network operating system, and the new Junos Space network application platform and Junos Pulse integrated network client.

In the processor field, Juniper announced a new Junos One family of processors, including the Junos Trio chipset with 3D Scaling technology that enables networks to dynamically support more subscribers, services and bandwidth. The Junos Trio will be delivered in new modular line cards and new 3.5-inch routers for Juniper MX Series, which the company says will provide up to 2.6 terabits per second of throughput, making them up to four times faster than the competition, while only using half as much power per gigabit.