Juniper’s relationship with Packet Design

In Newsletter 26 October, we noted that the most common rumor we heard was, was acquired by Juniper Riverbed would. In this issue, we find that for a number of reasons, we do not assume that Juniper would Riverbed. We explained, for example, to sell in the service, but certainly not Riverbed is first a rapid business-focused companies. In contrast, DNA Juniper clearly in the market for service providers.

Part of the agreement, Juniper announced that with Packet Design is the kind of partnership with OEM direct sales Juniper Packet Design Route Analytics does not sell products. announced as part of its announcement, as well as Juniper, they offer a platform for spatial development called Juno. Packet Design Route Analyzer product is one of the first solutions, which lives in the space of Juno.

Contrary to rumors of the acquisition of Riverbed, Juniper recently announced relationship with Packet Design is very much sense. This follows because Packet Design Route Analytics produces some of the challenges that occur in very large networks, targeted – both corporate and service provider.

For example, any of the products Packet Design Route Analytics for professionals is precisely to model the evolution of the network before their implementation, to allow. Another function of these products is to provide visibility, analysis and diagnosis of problems that arise in the position of the signal. To do this, have an analytical solution route has an understanding of how IP networks deliver exactly the application traffic. This requires continuous monitoring in real time, creating and maintaining a map of all roads and network-wide IP traffic flows passing through these roads. This implies that the solution analysis route must be notified in a position, any change in the lanes is controlled by the host and IP routing protocols.

We said that this relationship makes sense in part because networks are increasingly complex to administer Packet Design Route Analytics Products, Juniper understands the complexity and definitely large and complex networks.

The ads are part of Juniper interesting because they show that, despite the impression that it takes a lot of innovation in network. To reinforce this concept is a package design Be one of the panels at the next Jim Interop Conference in New York. The panel is titled “Break Through networking technologies. If you are to be at the conference, try to attend the panel, as it should be very revealing.