Lady who sold fake Cisco gear sentenced to jail

We all know not to buy routers and servers of man in a trenchcoat Hawking network equipment on the corner, but it turns out, the equipment and piracy have become a bit more complicated in recent years .

A district judge in Virginia ordered 43-year-Chun Yu Zhao, to pay $ 2.7 million in damages for selling counterfeit Cisco equipment. Zhao was also sentenced to 60 months in prison and stripped of his U.S. citizenship.

The Department of Justice is not called Zhao and operation of the company “sophisticated”, but the same can be used for the website of their company, JDC Networks Inc., one of the locations of the equipment hawk counterfeit ring that looks like it was said to Netscape version 1.0, with scrolling text and clever funky “WordArt” Straight Outta writings developed Office 97.

While Zhao and his colleagues are not the costs were much on their Web presence, she spent much of their ill-gotten gains also try to finance the purchase of four homes in Maryland and Northern Virginia and three condominiums for a total wash over $ 2.6 million, a Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes limousine, and seven bank accounts, over $ 1,600,000. Judge Gerald Bruce Lee ordered that the assets confiscated his passport with Zhao.

Zhao was one of 16 crimes sentenced in May, but was sentenced Friday. According to court records, friends and Zhao used counterfeit labels and packaging can mislead consumers. Not surprisingly, it was also found was a pack of lies and deceit behind the operation, including forged documents, import and citizenship applications.

The proceeds of the transaction were hidden in a network of bank accounts and assets on behalf of the Zhao family. In fact, it seems that the way money from just about every possible was taken away from this god awful site.