Malaysia offers developers new financing source

Kuala Lumpur – The budding software developers seeking funds to build their products can now turn to the second Super Multimedia Corridor (MSC) Malaysia Integrated Content Development (icon2).

Managed by the custodian of the country in ICT, the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC), the group of new funding of 5 million ringgit (U.S. $ 1.7 million) for two years provided to enable more Malaysians with the knowledge and ways to create local content for a global market.

Speaking to reporters Monday, MDEC CEO Badlisham Ghazali, the initiative icon2 on the back is a symbol of the two-year program implemented successfully launched in 2009 to win the Malaysian developing software for the Internet, emerging interest, and in the mobile space.

“The positive response, and compulsive reaped success we have seen, starting from the program icon icon2 us who continue to develop our local content industry to accelerate,” said Badlisham.

He noted that icon2 is more on the draft technical and artistic development, not just aspects of the company, which has been the development ICON. Icon2 added that aims to increase the number of developers for their applications beyond the borders of Malaysia and a global market where the market possible.

As the use of applications over the years has changed with the advent of smart phones and tablets, said Badlisham casual developers with the right skills and ideas of today can also try their luck in market weight software development.

“Icon2 is not strictly for the hard core developer, or only to children,” he said. “We are targeting casual developers and not just computer geeks.”

Icon2 occurs primarily through two programs – and ICONapps ICONdap – depend on where the distribution of funds to the amount and quality of presentations.

ICONapps designed to help programmers, Google Android and Apple IOS, where developers may be eligible for in-depth training in the classroom, access to software development kits and advice of mentors for them, their products online, including development.

Under ICONapps, used, 10,000 ringgit (U.S. $ 3,331 thousand euros) to provide training and tools for each candidate, but people are interested in applying need 500 ringgit (U.S. $ 166.5) apply to committed. Applicants who qualify will be approved to pay their ideas, if they can develop and market a product in the Appstore.

ICONdap is a financing facility for developers of mobile content online and to transform their creative ideas and technical proof of concept, and eventually work in applications. Successful applicants may be up to 200,000 ringgit (U.S. $ 66,611) of the funds they receive after reaching certain goals in their projects.

Badlisham said that during MEDT entertain suggestions of all kinds of applications should target developers who focus on four areas: socio-economic development, e-commerce applications on the location and health.

According to the Authority, unless the program icon for the first 105 people with basic training program and training others 221 Advanced Programming in the IOS and the Android platform. He added that 180 jobs and 96 mobile applications were created, including “a line in Malaysia”, which recorded over 50,000 downloads.